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About Us

Nestled in a cosy courtyard in Hull, Wheatleys of Yorkshire meadery ferments the finest authentic mead.

We produce only authentic mead, using the finest honey, fruits and botanicals.

Welcome to our meadery, we are excited to offer you a range of meads. From the traditional honey blend to some of our more obscure limited editions, there is something for everyone. If you have never tried mead before we encourage you to visit us for a taste test!

We hope you enjoy our drinks.
Please send us some feedback on your experience with our mead!

Who We Are

We are proud to be a family run, son and father company,
often borrowing the help of our close family and friends.

Oliver Wheatley

Founder & Head Mead Maker

Hi my name is Oliver, I am the founder of Wheatleys of Yorkshire. I have been a mead making hobbyist for a number of years. Late 2019 I left my full-time job and decided to take the risk turning my skills into a business. Incorporated early in 2020, at possibly the worst time in history for a new startup, we persevered and here we are offering you these delicious mead drinks.

I first tried mead in my late twenties. Oh the taste… I was instantly captivated by the mellow honey sweetness and the smooth mouthfeel. Thus this hobby and passion for the beautiful honey wine was born.

John Wheatley Drink Mead

John Wheatley

Assistant Mead Maker

Hi I’m John, I am Ollie’s father. I recently retired from my job as a factory worker where I have been working shifts since I was about twenty one. Ollie has now drafted me in as his Assistant Mead maker, which I am thoroughly enjoying. I had never previously done any form of home brewing so my role tends to be head sanitiser and must mixer.

 I have learned a lot from his instruction and we have a great time working together father and son to produce these amazing meads for you. We very much hope you enjoy, feel free to stop by the meadery and say hello!

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Unit 5
23 Arthur Street

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Email : Oliver@Wheatleysofyorkshire.com

Our Hours

Mon – Fri : 11:00 – 15:00
Sat – Sun: Closed

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