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First Week Since Launching My Meadery!

It’s been a seriously busy week! After months of preparation, I officially launched Wheatleys of Yorkshire on Friday 28th August. Since then I have found that I suddenly have to tackle way more aspects of running a business than I previously had too and it’s been quite mind-boggling. Before launch I was a bit of a labourer/project manager; ordering stock, labels, dealing with designers and print companies, a bit of administration and most importantly… creating delicious mead! Since launching, however, I’m now all those things, plus delivery man, salesman, marketing manager, accountant and shop keeper!

So it’s been a very busy week, and to be honest, I’ve had some ups and downs already. The early rush of sales from friends, family and the nice people of Hull made me feel like I was about to take over the world and be a millionaire, then the inevitable day with no sales threw me right back down and beyond to feeling all doom and gloom. Now that I’ve had a slightly calmer day to mull it all over, looking back it’s been a solid first week. We have had some excellent early sales numbers, featured in the Hull Daily Mail (never thought I would be a page 3 model), and have negotiated all five flavours to be stocked in 5 different retail outlets; The BoardroomFarm Shop at CranswickThe Store on Pier StreetVanessa’s Deli and Brew Hull

This week I will put my brewing cap back on and get some more mead fermenting. With the Christmas season approaching, I’ve got to be ready with plenty of stock. Fingers crossed, it will all go!

Thanks to all my family, friends and early customers who have placed orders, and for all your positive feedback. It is stressful launching a business and your support has truly helped!